About commission

Many people ask about the commission, so I decided to write a little about it. Of course, you can order personal art. I love to draw and if it makes someone's dreams come true, I will be happy. We all love to dream.

If you want something fast, I can offer to you simple sketch like this:

sketch preview

This is a basic Illustration — $80. Basic illustration is a text description from you with a general storyline, such as: I want a busty librarian masturbates while reading a book. All details (like color of panties or hair, etc.), poses, backgrounds... are left to my imagination. Drawing for this price includes 1 person. Any your own details are discussed individually. And I draw not only 18+ plots 🙂 Also the artwork may be private (I won't post it somewhere).

I take an orders on my Fansly page (the registration is very simple and free if you aren't there, you shouldn't be a subscriber, it's just my business space where I can taking orders).

Important note! On this moment I don't have any opportunities to send real artwork somewhere. I can send you only digital copy (in high resolution). You always can print it in any size.

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